Noflamat related products

Assembling of NOFLAMAT/GIPLAST panels shall be performed by using of metal frame made of profiles (grating) used for assembling of drywall boards according to a standard technology. 

The metal frame shall be installed in increments of 60 cm and covered with the panels using decorative mounting profiles. 

The mounting profile is attached to the frame in increments of 40-50 cm. 

The following profiles are used to assemble NOFLAMAT/GIPLAST panels:

-omega-profile (to connect panels in the same plane)

– L-profile (for inside corners and plinths)

– F-profile (for outer corners). 

Omega profile, length 3m
L-profile, length 3m
F-profile, length 3m
Flat surface assembling
Internal angle assembling
External angle assembling

Aluminum and galvanized steel are materials for the decorative profile.  

The profiles are delivered together with NOFLAMAT/GIPLAST panels and they can be painted in every color of RAL palette.   Length of an aluminum profile is 3 m. 

Length of a galvanized profile is 2,5 m or 3 m. 

3,5 х 25mm metal self-tappings are used to fix the mounting profile to the frame. 

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