Furniture facades: packaging and transportation

Packaging of ready products

Packaging of the finished product is performed on euro pallets 1200*800 mm. The pallet is formed in rows; every frame facade is wrapped with cover paper and packed into a corrugated cardboard box. 

Facades with glazing are packed into the middle part of the pallet; additionally they can be divided with stenofon  layers. The formed pallet of the finished product is packed into a corrugated box, wrapped with stretch film and tied up with the pallet band. 

The labeling of transportation packages shall be performed using the labels, which are attached to the package by any means which may guarantee its safekeeping during the transportation.  

The following should be indicated at the label: 
– name and location of the manufacturer and (or) its trademark;
– symbols of the products;
– lot (order) number and the date of manufacture; 
– bar code of the product;
– number of products in square meters and (or) in pieces;
– note of the manufacturing shift about the product output (stamp);
– note of the QCD about the product acceptance (stamp);
– note warehouse of finished products about the acceptance of transportation blocks with the products (stamp);

Transportation and storage.

Products shall be transported by all means of transport according to the Rules of cargo transportation by the related transport, as well as to the requirements of other documents approved according to the established procedure. 

Transportation shall be provided in the packaged form. 

The products should be stored in buildings and facilities with dry and normal humidity conditions at a temperature from +2 °С to +40°С and relative air humidity from 45% to 70% in accordance with existing construction regulations.

Products should either be stored in the warehouse equipped with shelves for storage of goods, or piled up according to the stacking map. 

Products shall be transported according to the shipment schedules of the vehicles.

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