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Within the last 2 years the Soyuz Industrial Group became the manufacturer of the most popular furniture facades types at the market. We asked the manager of the facades department Vladislav Likhanov to tell us about the manufacturing specialties and new products. 

Within the last 2 years the Soyuz Industrial Group became the manufacturer of the most popular furniture facades types at the market.

We asked the manager of the facades department Vladislav Likhanov to tell us about the manufacturing specialties and new products.

What furniture facades are manufactured by Soyuz IG.

– – Vladislav Viktorovich, what facades types does Soyuz manufacture today?

– Our company is traditionally strong in manufacturing postforming facades. As you know, we have absolutely upgraded our collection of countertops decors. All these decors are available for manufacturing furniture facades as well. The products range allows selecting a match of a countertop, a board and facades that would fit any taste.

We also develop the line of glazed facades. The satin gloss is one of the leading trends of European furniture design and manufacture and becomes popular here in Russia as well. Last year we implemented a new technology – manufacturing Medium glazed facades that combine trendy brilliant gloss with an affordable price.

Besides this we have released a new collection of softforming facades this spring.

It includes classic wooden decors as well as popular monochrome and textile decors of the base that perfectly match with close or contrast edge colors and hints. Our collection allows creating creatively different modern interiors in classic as well as in the modern low-cost and children’s furniture.

The unique complex for manufacturing of the furniture facades.

-You have told us about the advantages of the frame facades last time. How is this line being developed? Are there any new products?

– Yes, of course. I would like to tell more about them.

Firstly, the Soyuz Industrial group set into operation a unique production complex of KOCH company (Germany) in May that is unique in Russia today. It produces kitchen and cabinet furniture facades.

The facades are produced on the basis of MDF and can be covered with different materials such as finishing film, polypropylene and polyolefin films as well as laminatine and CPL plastic.

Secondly, the French Cut facade structures and the facades assembled at 90◦ make the base of the frame facades collection.

The advantages of these facades are: the guaranteed high quality of jointing the parts of the frame profile the facades edge processing that prevents from water and ensures a longer service life of the products.

Our furniture facades are alternative to the facades made of genuine wood and have a natural look; at the same time they are cheaper and have better working characteristics. There is no need to maintain the permanent moisture level for the avoidance of drying out; they easily stand up to the influence of steam, high temperature and direct sunlight. This way the use of our technologies allows saving high-quality wood material. Let the trees grow in the forest.

Warehouse program of the facades.

– – What models does your warehouse program include?

– The standard program includes six models of facades:

3 models of the French Cut structure (Giove, Giove Notte, Giove Naturale)

3 models assembled at 90◦ (Elba, Elba Notte, Elba Naturale)

Another 4 models shall be added to the standard collection in June – 2 French Cut structures and 2 models assembled at 90◦.

Facades supply terms

-What are the supply terms of your facades?

The facades of the standard program shall be supplied within 7 days. The half-finished products like molding trim and paneling are in stock. After the order is placed the half-finished products shall be cut out, assembled to required size and packed. All facades shall be packaged into corrugated boxes. .

– Аnd what about the facades that you told us about last time?

We keep manufacturing customized facades assembled at 45◦, covered with finishing films as well as with CPL plastic.

– What do the furniture manufacturers and distributors benefit from cooperating with the Soyuz Industrial group?

Firstly, it is a possibility of manufacturing the facades by your individual dimensions. Moreover, if standard facades are required, the term of manufacture makes 15 days and the minimum order volume makes 30 pieces.

Secondly, we can design an individual facade model, exclusively for the customer. You can select an individual frame facade, as well as an exclusive covering material by the catalogues of the main manufacturers – Renolit, Sloteksa, CLEAF, IMAWELL, LAMITEX etc.

And thirdly, it is a sufficient cost saving for representing new models and supporting the products range when compared to importing the facades, let’s say, from Italy.

The minimum amount you can order in Italy is 1500 pcs. The minimum amount of facades to be supplied from us within the standard program is 1 pcs., in case of individual models – 100 pcs.

And of course you should keep in mind that the Soyuz Industrial group offers a unique products range of furniture components from the single source. .

So, when cooperating with us, the customer sufficiently saves his resources – storage, funds and time. This is the guarantee of our compatibility and a successful development.

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