New models of ALLEANZA facades. Royal collection

Soyuz” Industrial group has started output of the new models of ALLEANZA lacquer frame facades. Three novelties, decorated by thin patina are oriented to the most exacting customers. Wider range of MFC Alleanza lets to the furniture manufacturers to create needed collection both in contemporary and classical style. 

“Christina” calm and respectability
New Christina facades are frame doors in nut decor with a black patina; they will infuse stylish and gorgeous look to the interior. Using of the figures on the panels will add warm touch, allowing to the sun rays to play on the fine-molded surface. A new kitchen with Christina facades combines elegance and respectability, classical form of the doors are underlined by the accessories made in the analog decor. 

“Ornella”: gold for sophisticated persons 
Creamy Ornella facades are a real finding for the connoisseurs in design, coated by the classical form. Golden patina on the doors harmoniously completes traditional interior. A kitchen with Ornella facades looks elegant and refined, embodying up-to-date combination of ageless traditions and modern technologies. 
It is a calm and positive set for the light days and cozy evenings. 

“Elisabeth”: elegance of the white marble
Elisabeth facades are an excellent sample of the neoclassical style, uniting modern technological effectiveness and functionality with the elements of the English classic – presice lines and elegant finishing. Unique design is caused by “marble” décor od the doors, tainted by silver patina, to give an additional elegance to the set. A combination of the fine graceful facade profiles with classical fittings look particular advantageously. 
This designer solution creates a mild and calm atmosphere, suitable both for work and rest.

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