Raised floors: Packaging and transportation

Raised floors shall be transported by covered railway and motor transport according to the Rules of cargo transportation by the related transport and mandatory protected from precipitations and mechanical damage. Shipping marking according to GOST 14192.

Transportation shall be provided in the packaged form. 

The length and width dimensions shall not oversize the nominal dimensions on more than 50 mm.  The limit mass of a package should not exceed 1500 kg. 

Panels should be stored in premises with dry and normal humidity conditions at a temperature not lower than +10 ° C and relative humidity of not less than 40% in conditions that protect the products from temperature changes, in accordance with construction regulations.

At the same time panels should be stored in original package or separately sorted by sizes in a horizontal position in the warehouse equipped with shelves for storage of similar goods, or on even surfaces for storing in piles. The floor in the warehouse should be horizontal and even and protected from moisture.

When stored at consumer’s place, the transportation boxes (without package) and piles of goods can be installed onto each other into stacks according to the safety rules.

At the same time the height of the stack should not exceed 3.0 m, and of the stack without packaging – 2.0 m. 

When forming a stack or a pile, the packages should be divided either by bars with a section not less than (80 х 80) ± 5 mm and of a length not less than the item’s width, or by  trays.

The bars shall be laid across the piles on the distance not exceeding 50 mm from the edge and not exceeding 550 mm between adjoining bars in the same vertical plane. 

When performing loading-unloading, transportation and storage works, impacts on products are prohibited.  

Type of panelFoil-chipboard-Foil
Material1. Chipboard, moisture resistant, extra compact 
2. Top and bottom of panel coated with laminated aluminium foil 
3. PVC coated edge
Dimensions600х600 мм
Thickness38 мм
Value of distributed load1590 kg/м2
Value of concentrated load on the center of panel2300N
Value of concentrated load on the middle of the edge of the panel1450N
Weight24 kg/м2 

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